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Who We Are

Eastern Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Center is a 24 hour Emergency and Specialty Referral Hospital located in the Lehigh Valley and serving the surrounding Eastern Pennsylvania veterinary community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality, accessible, emergency and specialty care for pets and work with referring veterinarians for continuity of patient care for overnights and weekends.

Core Values

Our actions are guided by the principle of honesty- we will communicate with our team and clients clearly and respectfully. We are accountable to ourselves and others for our good and bad actions.

We strive to treat our patients and their humans with kindness, compassion, and helpfulness. We will support our patients and their humans during the most challenging times of their relationship. We suspend judgment to support one another and accomplish our mission of high-quality patient care.

We ensure the best care for our patients by working with each other and the referring veterinarian community to ensure continuity of care. We work as a team, and together, we find solutions. We listen to each other, ask questions, and respect different views. Each member of our staff is a vital component in achieving the EPVMC mission.

We embrace new challenges and continuously look for new ways to improve our patients’ outcomes. We emphasize the importance of learning new skills and acquiring knowledge professionally and personally. We accept feedback not as criticism but as an opportunity. We look to feedback as a light to guide our development.

We work diligently at EPVMC to achieve the best outcomes for our patients. We are fully present at work and have the patient’s care as our guiding light.

We work with our pet owners to offer different solutions for their pet’s healthcare needs. We listen and adjust to the patient and client and meet them where they are. We adapt and think outside the box to achieve the hospital’s mission.